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Who's Who of Credit and Collection Practitioners in Hong Kong and Guangdong 2007

Editorial Committee
    Chief Editor:
  • Mr. Bobby Rozario
    Editorial Committee:
  • Mr. Andrew Mak
  • Ms. Betty Huen
    Voluntary Helper:
  • Ms. Prima Ting
  • Ms. Esther Chan
  • Ms. Amy Poon
    Cover Designer:
  • Mr. Bobby Rozario

The 2007 "Who's Who" is the third edition of the Association's inauguaral publication in 2002 and subsequent edition in 2004

This new publication has brought in better and more indepth indexing for readers to find useful information in more timely and user friendly manner.

Besides detail listing in alphabatical orders, this new publication has constructed additoinal features such as Name Index, Company Index and Industry Index.

The total number of listing for this new publication is over 400 with not just credit and practitioners in Hong Kong, but also listing from practitioners in Guangdong area.

From left to right, Ms Esther Chan, Ms. Amy Poon, Mr. Bobby Rozario,
Ms. Betty Huen and Ms. Prima Ting

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