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Who's Who of Credit and Collection Management in Hong Kong

The "Who's Who of Credit and Collection Management in Hong Kong" (the Project")

is one of the projects undertaken by HKCCMA in its efforts to promote communication amongst industry practitioners. The Association plans to officially release the Year 2002 version by end of year 2001 and now invites applications for listings from credit managers, collection executives, and practitioners in the related field. Due to the non-profit-making nature of the Association, it is the intention that advertisers will finance the publication. Complimentary copies will be provided to all successful applicants for listing, advertisers, members, patrons and consultants of the Association; and subscribed copies to the public, professional/consultancy firms, personnel/recruitment agencies, libraries and financial institutions etc.

Listings are on an entirely voluntary basis.

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Who's Who of Credit and Collection Management Application Form

If you need to communicate with the HKCCMA, please contact us on 825-8116-8816, send it by post to the Association or through email

Yours sincerely

Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association

Mr. Ricky Chan , FCCMA, CCP

Chairman Hong Kong

Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting the application for listing, the information provider ("Applicant") are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

2. Listings are free of payment and therefore HKCCMA will not authorize any person to collect any payment related thereto.

3. The Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association ("HKCCMA") reserves the ultimate discretion to determine and vary from time to time the scope, time schedule and format of the "Who's Who of Credit and Collection Management in Hong Kong" (the "Publication"), and without limitation, to expand, edit or reduce the data as provided and reserves all the rights to decide if an application for listing meets with the Association's requirement for credit and collection executives.

4. The Applicants hereby authorize the HKCCMA to transfer the data and information as the Applicants provided for purpose of the Publication

5. The Association is not liable to update the listed information. Applicants should therefore provide such updates and changes to the Association as soon as they take place.

6. The Association will not ensure accuracy and truthfulness of listed information as provided. No reliance should therefore be placed upon the Association for accuracy, completeness, truthfulness and currency of the information.

7. The Association warrants that the information provided for listing will only be used for the purpose of the Publication, unless and otherwise as agreed by the applicant.

8. Withdrawal of application for listing should be conveyed to the Association on a timely manner. While the Association will make its best and reasonable efforts to satisfy withdrawal requests, the Association will not be liable for not acting on withdrawal requests for whatever reason.

9. Applicants for listing do hereby warrant and represent that information provided for listing is true and is about the Applicant itself, and that the data and information are neither confidential information nor proprietary property.

10. In no event shall the HKCCMA, its members, officers, patrons or consultants be liable to the Applicant or any other person for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages.

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