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Vice-Chairman of HKCCMA Achieves Master Professional Certification

Bobby Rozario, the Vice-Chairman of HKCCMA, was recently certified as a Master Credit Executive (MCE), the most prestigious certification offered by the Society of Certified Credit Executives (SCCE), the certifying branch of Creditors International (CI).

The Master Credit Executive designation is reserved for those credit professionals who have demonstrated extraordinary professional and leadership capabilities. In order to meet the requirements of the MCE designation, an applicant must hold a management position of significant responsibility within the credit industry, have made substantial contributions to the credit industry and have demonstrated exceptional leadership at the national or international level.

The SCCE is the premier certification program for the credit industry and offers three other levels of certification for industry professionals at various stages of their careers.

Creditors International is a division of the American Collectors Association specifically for credit professionals from all aspects of the industry. CI currently has more than 1000 members from around the world.

Created on 2000-03-07 12:29:15 by HKCCMA.

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