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The 8th China International Credit & Risk Management Conference 第八届中国国际信用和风险管理大会

As the only official non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong for credit and collection management industry, HKCCMA have joined 600 other delegates from around the world participated in this event took place between 26 – 28 September 2011 in the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province, PRC. This high profile event is hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Municipal Government of Guangdong.

The theme of this year's conference was "Trading more efficiently in expending markets under high inflation". It was an invaluable platform to promote HKCCMA and to network with other trade associations and credit practitioners from corporations, banks and financial institutions.

Below are the highlights and topics covered in the 2-day symposium:

Conference Highlights

- Experience the opportunity to join with colleagues and experts from all over the world, for a profound review of all aspects of credit risk management in a forum designed to provide interchange of skills and information of immediate value to the enterprise or institution.

- Receive direct China details of the first enterprise index of performance and issues directed by the CCPIT.

- Sharing of experience with global experts from China’s most important economic drivers, enterprises in industries that are catalyst for sustained economic growth and the growing power of China within a global markets.

- Receive best practice details on many important processes of direct and immediate value to the enterprise and institution.

- Network with global executives with similar issues, concerns and commitment to risk management. Discuss the best solutions of enhancing treasury function, cash flow management efficiency while doing business in China

Major Topics

The conference addresses credit risk and related issues such as:

Enterprise and Institution Credit Risk Management

Comparative Economies

International banking credit and regulation

International Third Party Risk mitigation

Role of Rule of Law and Civil Procedure in risk mitigation

Credit Insurance as global enterprise growth driver

Topics include:

Alternative Risk Mitigation Resources

Opportunities Created by Managed Risk

Optimize Capital Structure Domestic

Optimize Capital Structure Global

Extended Cash Management and Enterprise Cost Effectiveness

Discipline in the Invoice Conversion Process

Receivable forecasting and bad debt reserve

Secured Transactions effective in the PRC

Post judgment remedy in China

Development of the China Bankruptcy Law

Understanding Country/Foreign Risk

Leveraging financial services to enhance efficiency in working capital management

Improving Access to Capital for Small and Medium Enterprises

Introduction to Capital Portfolio Credit and Risk Management models

Internal Control Systems for Loan Management in Chinese Banks

Ratings and Reality in Credit Risk Assessment

Export Credit Insurance as Risk Mitigation Tool

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