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Mr. Vincenzo Resta

Mr. Vincenzo Resta, Corporate Member

Vincenzo Resta is Regional Executive Director, ASIA 1 for CRIF Spa. In this role, he oversees CRIF companies in Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Madagascar, Tunisia, Jamaica and Bahamas. He also oversees the international sales units for CRIF products, with a particular focus on credit bureau solutions.

Prior to joining CRIF in 2007, Mr. Resta worked in the field of internationally financed projects in developing countries for over ten years, as head of international programs for reputed consulting firms in Italy and the United States. In this capacity, he became an expert on international bidding and procurement rules.

Mr. Resta holds a Masters degree from SAIS at the Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelors degree from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. He has published articles in IR publications and newspapers on Multilateral financing, International development, and anti-corruption, and has provided numerous training sessions on Credit Risk Management, Credit Bureaus, Multilateral Development Banks funding and bidding, and international development marketing strategies.

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