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Mr. Victor C. Y. CHAN - My Association to HKCCMA

1) What reason or reasons that brought you to become the foundation legal advisor of this association, and from which source did you learn about our association?

Mr. Bobby Rozario was my schoolmate in High School and I encouraged him to start his collection business back in around 1994. Since then I have from time to time given him advice in relation to his credit and collection business. Prior to the Association was formed I had provide some assistance and advice (as to the formation of the Association). As I have always been interested in the field I have no hesitation to become the association's legal advisor when Bobby and the other founding members invited me to do so when the Association was formed. I also remember that at that time, the most important issue for the Association was the proposed legislation to regulate the collection business.
In those days the ways that collectors handled claims and debtors were controversial and had caused a lot of concerns in the society.

2) Since you have been with the association from the foundation stage, what changes can you see in the recent years regarding to the Association’s activities and direction, and with these changes, were they all positive to the Association’s growths are for the good of the society?

The Association in its early days was not as active as it is now. Firstly, the number of members is much smaller. Secondly, the members and the Association were then still in search of directions for development. Of late, the Association has been maturing and more at ease of its role as a force in the credit and collection industry in HK. For instance, its standing in the community has been enhanced through various kinds of activities including providing education and examinations facilities which would enable participants in the industry to have the opportunities to attain the professional qualifications which they want.

3) With Hong Kong being an international city, what contributions can you sees the association making to the growth of the Credit business?

As an international city and a financial hub, the Association can definitely make contributions to the community. For instance, it can provide its expertise in relation to matters related to the credit industry. This is particularly so if the government is considering further legislation related to debt collection as well as data protection. In addition, the Association can also assist the public in understanding the functions of credit and collection business enabling the public to know that apart from collection, there are other things that credit and collection companies do.

4) Beside the present works the Association is doing, what additional activities can the association undertake to made it a more useful and meaningful member of the society, and as a founder Legal Advisor, what directions can you advise to the Association for a better future?

I think in order to prosper; the Association needs to go out more to the public to mitigate some of the stigma attached to the collection industry. Apart from that, the Association needs to continue doing more of what it is currently doing in relation to education and examinations. As a platform for members and participants in the industry to attain professional qualifications the Association’s status will definitely be elevated in the eyes of the public.

5) Being a Legal Advisor for the Association, will you consider extending your services to Association members as an additional service?

I would have no hesitation in extending my services to members of the Association as an additional service. By doing so members will know that they are members to an Association which can provide assistance and services to them too.

Mr. Victor C. Y. CHAN, a qualified solicitor, Partner of Tang Wong Cheung Co., the Association's Honorary Legal Advisor.

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