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Member's benefits

HKCCMA members enjoy the following benefits:

Professional Membership & Designation

The prestige status of belonging to the only association of credit professionals in Hong Kong grantingdesignations in credit management. Members are entitled to use the Association's designatoryletters (FCCMA or MCCMA), as the status and industry recognition. HKCCMA is the only body whichoffers these recognized & professional designations in credit and collection industry in Hong Kong.


HKCCMA organizes various types of educational programs, seminars & social events which provide opportunities for good networking in the industry.

Membership Roster

A comprehensive listing of current members of the HKCCMA by individual and company name,
available on-line in the Association's web-site.

Discount Services

Members can attend the training courses, seminars, social activities and functions organized by the Association or the Corporate Members at discount rate.


Members are entitled to get the copy of "Who's Who of Credit & Collection Practitioners in Hong Kong & Guangdong", free of charge.

Job Classifies

Members can have access to the Job Classifies, on-line in the association's web-site which is the database containing various credit job seekers' information. Members can also place your credit job opening here as a recruitment tool, free of charge.

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