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Hong Kong Seeing Benefits of Positive Data in Credit Reporting

Consumers in Hong Kong are reaping the benefits of positive credit data sharing according to recently released statistics from TransUnion and numerous financial institutions in the market. The statistics released to the chairman of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) are part of the first assessment of an ongoing program that began three years ago, allowing consumers' positive credit data to be shared by credit providers.

Between the start of the positive data sharing in August 2003 and September 2005, the following benefits have resulted:

In addition, the market share of non-bank financial institutions that offer loans to consumers increased 5 percent from 25 percent to 30 percent. With the complete picture of both positive and negative information, these institutions were able to better manage, price and aggressively market their loans to consumers at much lower interest rates.

"These dramatic and positive results are a testament to what full-file credit reporting brings to both consumers and local economies," said Ralph Sorice, president of TransUnion - International. "Not only are there tangible advantages for both consumers and businesses, but the potential for increased competition is a benefit for the overall marketplace."

While the HKMA said in a public statement that it is impossible to quantify the money saved by consumers as a result of lower interest rates, it did note the savings "are likely to be substantial." Joseph Yam, chairman of the HKMA, also noted that the market is moving in the right direction and that "consumers are likely to benefit from more competition" as new players join the consumer credit market.

"As TransUnion continues to work globally with governments and private entities to emphasize the benefits of positive data sharing, Hong Kong offers emerging economies a real-world example of the mass benefits that can be achieved," said Sorice.

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