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HKCCMA submitted response to HKMA on the Proposal to set up a Commercial Credit Reference Agency

Executive Council of HKCCMA has approved the final edition of the response to the proposal to set up a CCRA in Hong Kong and submission was made on September 12 2000.
"HKCCMA holds a favorable and supportive view on the establishment of a CCRA in Hong Kong. It helps practitioners in the industry to practice credit management in a more sophisticated manner" commented by Mr. Bobby Rozario, Vice-Chairman of HKCCMA.
But the response also shows concerns of HKCCMA on the limited involvement of other parts of the commercial sector. "HKMA has excluded the participants out of the banking sector. HKMA should look into allowing other people to contribute into the CCRA, such as credit insurers, SME and credit associations" said Mr. Rozario.

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