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First Executive Council's Meeting after COVID-19 outbreak

HKCCMA held the First 2019-2020 Executive Council's Meeting on June 19, 2020.

This year Executive Councilors, Officers, Sub-Committee Chairmen and Staff are:

§  Association Chairman, Chairman of Publication Committee and Executive Councilor – Bobby Rozario
§  Association Vice Chairman and Executive Councilor – Germany Heng
§  Association Secretary and Treasurer and Executive Councilor – Michelle So
§  Chairman of Certification, Complaint & Compliance Committee and Executive Councilor – Benedict Wong
§  Chairman of Membership Committee and Executive Councilor – Jeffrey Chan
§  Chairman of Education Committee and Executive Councilor – Vincenzo Resta
§  Chairman of Public Relation & Recreation and Executive Councilor – Peter Wong
§  Chairman of Award Committee – Ricky Chan
§  Information Technology  Support & Webmaster – Alpha Finance Ltd.
§  Director of Communication – Carmen Lai

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