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Chairman of HKCCMA was awarded the ACA's highest international honor

The HKCCMA Chairman, Benedict Wong was awarded the "International Paul Bunyan" which is ACA’s highest international honor. This award is to recognize the individual who, during the past year, has been judged to have the greatest contribution made to the association and the credit and collection industry outside of the United States.

On September 19, 2000 American Collectors Association developed a press release (see below) to publicize Benedict’s recent award and will distribute an announcement to the national media.

Local Business Professional Honored by International Trade Association

MINNEAPOLIS-(September 19, 2000)-Hong Kong business professional, Benedict Wong, received the International Paul Bunyan Award at the 61st Annual International Convention of The American Collectors Association (ACA) in San Diego this summer. Wong is the managing director of Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong, Ltd. The International Paul Bunyan Award, ACA's highest honor, is presented to the individual who has made the greatest contribution to the association and the collection industry worldwide. ACA, an international trade association of professional credit and collection professionals, recognized Wong for his involvement in international membership activities.

Wong has been involved in ACA for several years. He is a national director representing the viewpoint of ACA's international members, and is also chair of a new international credit and collection group - the Hong Kong Collectors and Credit Management Association.

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