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Chairman Statement 2016-2017


Distinguish Guests, Members, Ladies and Gentleman:

Welcome to the 2016-17 HKCCMA’s AGM and Gala Dinner. Figure "18", not only brings a significant and joyous omen for the Chinese as well as to all Hong Konger. This number also coincided with the establishment of this Association. Therefore, I hope in 2018, the Association and her members shall be a fruitful and wealthy satisfaction year.

Let us now recap what HKCCMA had achieved in the past year;

1) Education:

A major break-through was made this year for the introduction of 'Credit and Collection. Besides the usual Seminars to the trade industry both inside and outside of Hong Kong, through the efforts of the Executive Council and the assistances of other on the job personnel, our Association was invited by the CUHK Student Affairs in October to present this topic to the students. The response was over expectation. After the presentation, a number of students

stayed back to learn more about the vocation in 'Credit and Collection'

Thanks were received from the CUHK Student Affairs for our efforts and hopes this activity will be regular feature for the students. With the success of this event, we are in pursuit of holding the same type of seminar at different universities to provide a wider professional work scope to the Finance students rather than the usual iBank or Accounting. Thanks must go to Ms Michelle So and Mr. Eddie Chan for the contributions which made this Seminar a success.

In November, through the effort of Ms Grace Wong, Coface held a trade seminar for our members with great success. Much thanks to her assistance.

2) Thanks God It's Friday (TGIF):

As usual, this activity was well accepted by all members. An event which enables our members to release some of the build-up work pressure, to meet, to let off steam, to exchange ideas over a glass. This event shall continue in the coming year and we need all your support.

3) Who's Who - "Web Version":

At the last AGM, it was mentioned that large volume of resources this year will be invested to create the web version of our Who's Who. Not only will this project help the environment, it also provides a convenient and easy access to update one's detail or to learn about the market trends. Thanks must go to Mr. Bobby Rozario and Mr. Eddie Chan's contributions to this Project. Please put you're your hands together for them. For those who have not registered, please do so to ensure the success of the System.

4) CCP Examination:

CCP examination has never been an easy exam. However in 2017, one of our member (reasonably new) has achieved such an award. Let us welcome Ms Michelle So, our MC for the evening. Since the formation of our Association till the end of 2017, only 23 members have obtained the CCP Certificate. Not only this examination will be a test of your endurance, but also a proof of your professional skills and recognition.

At this point, my sincere thanks to the 2016-17 Committee Members for their loyalty and contribution provided to this Association.

The 2017-18 members of the Executive Committee are as following;

Lastly, the Association will like to thank our sponsors. Without their generosity and support, this evening cannot be a successful one.

Finally, representing HKCCMA, I personally wish to thank all those attending from your tight schedule a merry evening. Also, wishing all of you a prosperous, healthy and fruitful in the Year of the Dog.

Thank you everyone!

Ricky CHAN

Hong Kong, January 2018

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