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Chairman Statement 2014-2015


Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, Our honorary guest,

Welcome to the 2015-16 HKCCMA's Annual General Meeting.

During last year's AGM, I have emphasised in order to be an outstanding Credit Practitioner in 2015; one must needs to exercise extreme caution to face the drop and uncertainty of the world’s economy and stock markets. These negative movements in world economy had a great impact in the Asian and Chinese economies. Facing unfavourable trade conditions, businessmen and investors in these areas alike were forced to reduce their investments and production activities to remain sustainable. For small enterprises, 2015 was a very difficult year.

International interest rate after long periods of sluggishness showed sign of recovery by late last fall. Foreseeing a positive change in the trade environment in 2016 will affect our profession to a certain degree. Therefore, I urge our members to maintain their vigilance and undertake an optimistic approach to any changes to the market which may occur. We shall prevail.

Looking back at 2015 let me recap the verity of activities undertaken by HKCCMA.

1) In August, for the first time in HKCCMA's history, the Association broke out of Hong Kong and held the first Discussion and Exchange Workshop in Guangzhou. The participants were so overwhelming that seats were continuous being added. The Workshop was invigorating and humorous. After the Workshop, many of the attendance stayed behind and continue to converse with our members.

In the near future, the Association intent to hold more weekend discussion workshop in China. This will foster a better understanding and working relationship with trade members of two different trade environments.

My sincere thanks go to Mr. Bobby Rozario and Ms. Betty Huen for the organization of this Workshop. Much credit should go to Mr. Stephen Lo for being the speaker of the Workshop whom so successfully conducted the whole proceeding.

With higher participant attendance with each gathering, TGIF has become the most popular activity in recent years. A total of three (3) such events were held during the year.
For 2016, TGIF shall continue and I am sure will meet the support of our fellow members.

3) CCP
It always has been the main target for our members to obtain the Credit and Collection Professional accreditation. In order to meet the constant changes and advancement in our society, the CCP exam questions were updated with ACA in 2015 to ensure the society's needs can be met. The whole Project took us over half a year to complete and was able to meet last year's one and only CCP Examination just before last year’s AGM.

I wish to take this moment to announce the good news. Last year, Mr. Willy Mou was the only member who obtain the CCP accreditation. I wish to ask Mr. Benedict Wong, Chairman of Certification to present the CCP award to Mr. Willy Mou.

Our gratitude goes to Mr Bobby Rozario and Mr. Benedict Wong for their contribution to the preparation of the CCP examination.

4) Website
The Association has decided to invest more into the Association's website in the upcoming years. This is a major project which will require a year and two to complete. We hope after the reconstruction, the Association will be able to provide a better communication platform for our members and trade practitioners usage.

5) Who's Who
In order to support the environment, the Association shall in future place the publication "Who's Who" onto the website for members perusal. This will be a part of our Website Project and hope to be completed within 2016.

HKCCMA is a non-profit organization and it is my intention to follow the past philosophy of being thrift and bring the Association to another level. All these will depend very much on all members support.

For 2016, the new Committee Members are as following:

Finally, please put your hands together for the following committee colleagues who unselfishly support this Association.

1) Mr. Benedict Wong from Total Credit for generously lending us the venue for all HKCCMA meetings year round. Most important, is the uninterrupted service of beverages.

2) Mr. Bobby Rozario's CCP pre-examination tuition to all examination takers for 2015.

3) Also the following three (3) voluntaries;As the Year of Monkey is approaching, I wish all members will have the vibrant and spirit of a Monkey. Wishing you all Good Health and Smooth Sailing for the coming year.

Ricky Chan

Hong Kong, January 2016

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