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Chairman Statement 2013-2014


Distinguished Guests, Welcome to the 2014-15 HKCCMA's Annual General Meeting. It is also my pleasure to announce, tonight is the 15th Anniversary of our Association.

Looking back into 2014, the challenges facing credit management were more and more acute. As large volume of capital with very low interest rates were available on the market due to the slowing down of the world's economy and the QE Policy taken by the United States which made our profession more demanding worldwide.

Looking closer to home. The determination of the Chinese Government to maintain the 7% growth in GDP and anti-corruption measures caused tight capital supply and unmoved interest rates. The resultant made trading difficult and more attentions are needed in risk management.

On the other hand, members of our profession are receiving more recognition from both local enterprises and MNC. More and more resources are invested by them into this area which provided a reasonable growth in our sector's salaries and wages.

In 2014, HKCCMA Memberships received a steady growth. The efforts put in by the Executive Council cannot be ignored. Some of the activities organized by them included the Quarterly TGIF and a seminar held in July which Mr. Gordon Yuen, our Excellent Award winner shared his experiences with our members.

In order to speed the growth of the Association and cross referencing of different experiences, a major step was taken to revise the Association's M&A by reducing the minimum joining qualification from the original 3 years to 1 year.

Finally, special thanks to Future Electronics (HK) Ltd and Fountain Set

Holdings Ltd. for their generous donations to our TGIF activity. To encourage more interchange between members under a relax atmosphere away from the bustling of work, Quarterly TGIF will continue regularly without fail in the coming year.

For the coming year, I believe the HKCCMA, with the support of its members will achieve another successful level. Finally, my sincere thanks go to the 2013-14 Executive Council and staff;

Alpha & Leader Risks and Assets Managment Co. Ltd
Bayer MaterialScience Limited
Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited
On-Time Logistics
SAL Insurance Brokers Limited
Telstra International Group
Total Credit & Risk Management Group
On behalf of the Association, I wish you all the happiness, the best of health and prosperity, in the coming year. As the Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching I wish you all fortune and prosperity in the Year of the Goat!

Ricky Chan

Hong Kong, January 2015

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