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Annual General Meeting 2000-2001

The first Annual General Meeting of HKCCMA was held at the Ritz Carlton in grand style on
March 30 2001. Over 50 members and guests attended this important occasion of the Association. As the title of the event shows, the Chairman of HKCCMA, Mr. Benedict Wong FCCMA reported the first year achievements of the Association in details to the members. (Chairman's Statement).

Apart from reporting the first years achievements, the Chairman also announced the Association's ambitions in the following year which includes:
Establish an executive certification program with the Society of Certified Credit Executives in the United States for members who want to acquire a professional designation.
Develop a local award program to recognize members’ contributions.
Create a " Who's Who in Credit and Collection Management in Hong Kong" publication for distribution to headhunters in Hong Kong.
Organize educational and skill building workshop on various credit and collection topics for members’ enhancement.
Establish international recognition and affiliation with worldwide counterparts.
Lobby with government units and local political parties in developing fair and efficient legislations for the credit and collection industry.
Following the speeches, the election result of the new Executive Council was announced. The new Executive Council comprises of eight councilors compared to five from last years.
"It is the Association's ambition to include credit and collection practitioners in the different industries to help prosper the Association" said Mr. Bobby Rozario FCCMA MCE, Vice-Chairman of the Association.

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