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HKCCMA – Seminar on Debt Collection & Career Talk in Credit Management – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association (HKCCMA) recently launched a series of seminars on Credit & Collection topics. The 1st in the series was held on 24 July 2014 with a "Career Talk in Credit Management" given by Mr. Gordon Yuen, Director for Receivables & Debt Collection at Total Credit & Risk Management Group and winner of the 2013 Credit Management Excellence Award. This was followed by a seminar on "Credit & Risk Management" given by Mr. Benedict Wong, President & CEO of Total Credit & Risk Management Group, as well as one of the founding members and Past HKCCMA Chairman (2000-2011).

These seminars are one of several events held by annually by the HKCCMA and have been designed for corporate entities and banks in the current economic climate and is open to all, members and non-members inclusive, completely free-of-charge.

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